Say Cheese

Who Said Two Canines Can't Cuddle?
This sofa is taken. "Pal & Teddie think Mom and Dad can find another sofa in the house," writes owners Carolyn & Bill Barnett of Ashland.

Spoiled To The Core 
This picture was taken by my mother, Betty Decker, of their puppy, Ernie, Jr. on his first birthday. He is spoiled to the core," writes Leslie Helton.

Horsin' Around 
Jewell, a Quarter Horse foal and Frosty, a Miniature horse, are  inseparable.  "Jewell is kissing Frosty, even though it appears that Frosty didn't want to be kissed at the time!" writes owner, Joy Self of Morning Glory Farm in Lottsburg.

Groundhog's Got the Munchies
Pet groundhog lets his owner know he's hungry. Sent in by William McLaren of Montvale.

Still the Baby!!
Clarence turned 1 year old in April, but he doesn't mind letting his owner know......he's still the baby. Sent in by Pamela Miller of Rapidan.

Is It Time To Eat Yet?
Simba  is waiting for dinner in Grandma's kitchen. Sent in by Clare Budd of Hacksneck.

Front Seat Driver of a Different Kind
"My husband, John, and our Westie named 'Ren' are on the way to the beach. Ren likes to ride with his paw on the window sill of the car. They are inseparable," writes Mrs. Jones of Stafford.

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are?
Where have all the birds gone? Rex can't seem to find them. Sent in by Kristin Young of Woodbridge.

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