Say Cheese

Tikki Takes A Peek!
Tikki peers out from within her box. Sent in by Colby Rogers of Chesterfield.

Do I Have To Move? 
"It's time for Bismark to wake up," writes owner Laurie Kudla of Montclair.

Friends In Weird Sizes
"This is a picture of my daughter, Heather, with Paco and Tomcat," writes Diane Weakley of Manassas.

Put It Here, Paws Up!
Sparky says hello to everybody. Picture sent in by Paula Sizemore of Dewitt.

Little Bit O' Pup, But A Lot Of Beauty
Little Bit says, "Guess What? I just left the beauty salon." Picture sent in by owner Betty Huckstep of Bumpass.

Where's The Cake?
"Please use these pictures in memory of Fronz's 18th birthday," writes Linda McRae of Bumpass.

Where's The Remote?
Princess is watching TV. Sent in by owner Linda Gray (Director, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative) of Fredericksburg. 

What Underpants?
"Cookie likes to steal underpants from the dirty clothes hamper, so we decided to giver her her own pair," writes owners Michael and Greg Duvall.

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