Say Cheese

Hey, What's So Hard About This?
Joey Taylor, Jr., 3, operates the backhoe.  Sent in by grandparents Gary & Jennifer Kline of Bowling Green.

Whatchya Lookin' At? 
Onion doesn't like the fact that Melody is sitting in one his favorite sleeping spots.  Sent by Jeff and Michele Herd of Manassas Park.

Sleeping In The Buff 
Sandy Love is the exact same shade as her bed.. Sent by Roy Warriner of Nathalie.

I Can See Clearly Now...
Kelly is ready to read a menu and is savoring the possibilities.  Sent by Magarite Arrighi of Gainesville.

Gen. Bobby Lee enjoys some human companionship on his birthday.  Sent by Jill Glick of Bridgewater.

Heidi's Hideaway
"If I get up, this better mean food," says Heidi, a long-haired Chihuahua. Sent by Bruce and Gail Hettinger of Moneta.

Totally Tuned In
Tiny doesn't like to be disturbed when she's watching her favorite fishing program. Sent by Sherri Doe of Bealton.

Love, Set, Nap!
Midnight enjoys a snooze after a tough afternoon playing with Houston & Garrett Lee.  Sent by the Wiedles of Spotsylvania.

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