Say Cheese

Buckled Up & Ready To Go
Everyone in this family wears their seatbelt----even Speckles, the family dog. Sent in by Harvey & Sandy Chittum of Lexington.

Curiosity Almost Flushed The Cat 
Button gets his drink every morning at 6 a.m.! Sent in by John & Karen McLean of Reva.

Get Me Outta Here! 
Ike says, "Help! Get me out of this play pen!" Sent in by Randall & June Moore of Chatham.

 A Kiss From A Cutie
Richie bestows a gentle kiss upon a baby goat. Sent in by his grandmother, Adele Failmezger of Lancaster.

Ah, Now This Is The Life 
Princess Leah enjoys watching TV and making herself at home on the family couch. Sent in by  Sheila Souther of Locust Grove.

Boy's Best Friend
Sent in by Ann Allison of Goode.

Is This Ball Yours?
Only one creature in this picture knows what the ball is for. Sent in by Sue Lyman of Middleburg.

Alright, No Blinking & Say Cheese!
A family portrait of Molly, Rooster, and Suzy. Sent in by owners Lee & Wanda Worley of Gretna.

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