Say Cheese

Can't Stand To Get His Paws Cold
Photo sent in by Malachi Stevens of Glen Allen.

Resting In Peace 
14-year-old tomcat, Teeter, believes he is 1-year-old Mitzi Gaynor's mother.  Writes owners John and Joy White of Waynesboro, "They sleep together, play together, and get into trouble together."

Picture Says It All 
Picture taken at National Zoo in Washington, D.C. and sent in by Susan Thomas of Manassas. She writes, "I found this squirrel to be quite amusing!"

Yee-Haw!: Guinea Pig Gets A Piggy Back Ride
Pet guinea pig, Brittney Lea, goes for a ride on her stuffed piggie. "Ride 'em, cowgirl," writes owner Leah McNeil of Fredericksburg. 

Doggie Knows Best: 8 Glasses of Water A Day
Belle makes sure to drink eight glasses of water a day. Picture sent in by Sarah Mulins of Reva.

Sleepy Girl
Popsicle says, 'Leave me alone! It's bedtime." Photo sent in by Ryland and Julia Clary of Broadnax.

BMX Baby
BMX Baby, Annie. Picture sent in by Cody Crouch of Stafford.

Baby On The Bottle
"I picked up this kitten on the road. It had been set out by someone and was only 3 weeks old. I bottle fed it until it could eat cat food, " writes owner Gracie Payne of Ewing.

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