Say Cheese!
Puppy Love
PUPPY LOVE. Molly just delivered the last of 10 puppies. Sent by Karen Fairchilds of Stuarts Draft.
Fire Dog
FIRE DOG. Walkerton Community Fire Assoc. mascot says, ďLetís Go Guys!Ē Sent by John Barefoot of Walkerton.
Goaty Grin
GOATY GRIN. Jasmine the pygmy goat loves to have her picture taken. Sent by Bruce & Carole Snyder of Aylett.
Mud Babies
MUD BABIES. Amanda Leigh and Kenneth Jr. take a mud bath in the garden. Children of Kenneth & Leigh Collins of Prince George.
Kitty Luv
KITTY LUV. Beth gives her cat Raisin a big, loving hug. Sent by Marshall Buckles of Rockville.
 Racin' Retriever
RACINí RETRIEVER. This is Casey when sheís not racing after rabbits in the back yard. Sent by Diane & John Bracy of Franklin.
Treetop Tot
TREETOP TOT. Itís a bird! Itís a plane! No itís Rebecca Dulin, daughter of Kevin & Connie Dulin. Sent by grandparents Gerry & Irvin Dulin of Locust Grove.
Water Hound
WATER HOUND. Chachi says, ďLetís Go Skiing!Ē Sent by Angie Rice of Crewe.

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