Say Cheese!
ch_annabelle.jpg (37000 bytes)
MORNING WATCH. Annabelle loves to look over "her" farm in Altavista. Sent by Christel Coman of Matawan, NJ.
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I’LL CUT THE GRASS WHILE YOU SPREAD THE FERTILIZER! Simba is ready for springtime. Sent by the Amos family of Mineral.
ch_cinnamon.jpg (51356 bytes)
I AGREED TO THE BONNET, BUT THE DRESS WAS A BIT MUCH! Cinnamon wears her Easter finery. Sent by Karis & Rusty Butler of Centreville.
ch_courtney.jpg (63005 bytes)
IT MAY BE COLD, BUT A FARMER’S WORK IS NEVER DONE. Courtney practices her tractor driving. Sent by the Moon family of Amelia.
ch_holly.jpg (59571 bytes)
SPRINGTIME — TIME TO STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS. Holly thinks anytime is a good time for that! Sent by Junette Kirksey of Manassas.
ch_joey.jpg (45490 bytes)
MAKE MY EASTER BONNET A COWBOY HAT, little "pardner" Joey seems to be saying. Sent by the Solzbachs of Powhatan.
ch_littleman.jpg (47498 bytes)
IF I WAIT IN THE BASKET, I’M SURE TO SEE THAT RASCALLY RABBIT! Little Man waits for the Easter bunny. Sent by Robert & Bernice Fears of Charlotte C.H.

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