Say Cheese!
Blossom Baby
BLOSSOM BABY. Casey takes time to smell the flowers. Sent by Brian & Crystal Vandegrift of Pamplin.
Bloating Beauty
BOATING BEAUTY. Madison is ready for her first ride on a boat. Sent by grandparents Kenneth & Pam Gilbert of Victoria.
Crappie Kisser
CRAPPIE KISSER. Christopher tries to kiss this fish just caught out of Aquia Creek. Sent by the Bottomleys of Fredericksburg.
Dollhouse Demon
DOLLHOUSE DEMON. Callie haunts Barbie’s house and leaves Barbie’s clothes scattered about. Sent by the Bryants of Chatham.
Floating Fido
FLOATING FIDO. Kujo loves floating in the pool. Sent by Barbara Burns of Staunton.
Friend of Foe
FRIEND OR FOE? Tiger the cat seems a-mazed while Hamy-lamy the hamster looks concerned. Sent by Codie Tusing of Baker, WV.
Legionnaire Lapper
LEGIONNAIRE LAPPER. Annie is daddy’s little girl. Sent by Bob & Kattie Fitzgerald of Stafford.
Squirrelly Suucker
SQUIRRELLY SUCKER. Buddy enjoys his bottle 3 times a day. Sent by Berry & Rosita Montgomery of Goshen.

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