Say Cheese!
Sofa Sitting
SOFA SITTING ON THE SLY. Jarvis whispers to Sadie, "If mom and Aunt Karlie catch us on this sofa, someone will be in trouble!" Sent by Helen Hoffman of Mollusk.
Beanbag Boogie
BEANBAG BOOGIE. Pepper loves to sleep on the beanbag chair and even covers herself up with a blanket. Sent by Master Justin Jenkins of Rhoadesville.
BIRDWATCHING BUDDIES. Sassy & Roscoe are siblings & share their hobbies. Sent by Ruby Farrow of Lexington.
Lounging after the chase
LOUNGING AFTER THE CHASE? These guys sure enjoy a good chaise lounge. Sent by the Bowen family of Verona.
DO I BELONG WITH THE WHITES OR THE DARKS? Molly Mittens loves to lay upside down in the clothes hamper, and anywhere else she can! Sent by Barbara Alexander of Staunton.
LET SLEEPING LOBSTERS LIE. While visiting Maine, live lobsters were put to sleep after rubbing their heads. Sent in by Jennifer Fay of Spotsylvania.
Play Ball
LET’S PLAY BALL! Desmond patiently poses for a Kodak moment, eager for playtime to begin. Sent by John Baker of Dalecity.
2 Headed Orange Monster!
TWO-HEADED BLAZE ORANGE MONSTER ON THE LOOSE! Naw, it’s just the twin grandsons of Larry Heller of Rochelle.

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