Say Cheese!
Ruby’s naps are more "bearable" since
her aunt Martha gave her this gift.
Sent by Martha Payne of Catlett.
Bozo thinks miniature dachshunds
make good neckwear for the sleepy Lee.
Photo sent by Betty Smith of Louisa.

Callie and Maggie
Callie and Maggie are the felines on mouse patrol. Sent by Richard and Ann Boonisar of Seaview

Gordy’s owner Dennis Gochenour of Mt. Jackson thinks his dog is trained to stay off the furniture. Who’s the trained one?
Sasha tells Jake, "Hey, get your own socks!"
Photo taken by Jake’s sister Danielle and
sent by Patricia Hayes of Montpelier.
How much is that doggy in the window?
Cricket adopted this doll bed for his own in
Grandma Hazel’s Attic window in Front Royal.
Fig Newton
A baby bassinet makes the purrfect cozy spot for
Fig and Newton. Sent by Nelle Clark of Linville.
Peppy, looking pretty in pink, is ready for his stroll!
Photo sent in by Jessica Baldwin of Culpeper.


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