Calling All Super Sleuths:

August 2019

Laura Emery, Field Editor

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When you get ready to compose your Dear Me letter, you will likely have many writing tools close at hand. Along with pencils, there are probably collections of felt-tip markers, ballpoint pens, rollerballs and gels randomly scattered throughout your house.

But in the past, a variety of writing devices did not exist. Other than a pencil, students had only a standard dip pen that had to be dunked into an inkwell every few lines in order to keep on writing. Each school desk was designed with a special hole in the upper right-hand corner to hold the inkwell, which obviously was a frustrating arrangement for left-handed writers.

Later on, when the ballpoint pen was invented, it was an earth-shattering innovation. It made writing easier, quicker and neater and gave people the freedom to write anytime, anywhere, without having to carry around an ink supply for a dip pen or fountain pen. In time, the ballpoint literally changed everything about the classroom, from the way classwork was completed to the desk where it was carried out.

For a chance to win $25, do the following:

1. Find a picture of an inkwell and pen hidden in this magazine. Give the page number.

2. Believe it or not, there is a national holiday celebrating the ballpoint pen. Do some research and give the date when this day is observed and why it is commemorated.

3. What is your favorite writing tool and why?

The deadline for this month’s entries is August 20, 2019.

Super Sleuth August

June Issue Super Sleuth

The June 2019 KIDS’ KORNER Super Sleuth discussed how to stay cool on those sizzling, hot summer days. For a chance to win $25, young readers were asked to name the time period of sweltering heat; find the drawing of the constellation in the magazine; give the constellation’s name; and provide a superstition associated with these days of extreme heat. The correct answers are:

• Dog Days of Summer
• Page 33
• Canis Major, also called Big or Greater Dog and Sirius, is called the “dog star.”
• Dogs will become lazy; dogs will go crazy; weather “not fit for a dog”; there will be bad luck; fevers and catastrophe … water will be too dangerous to drink; people will become more aggressive and crankier.

Our winner is Alexis Murphy of Catawba.

Congratulations, Alexis! .