Calling All Super Sleuths:

March-April 2020

Laura Emery, Field Editor

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Help Hay Seed and City Slicker find a familiar Earth Day symbol for their banner. This iconic design represents the 3 Rs of the environment and is hidden in this magazine.

For a chance to win $25 Amazon gift card, do some research and answer the following:

  • Give the page number where the symbol is found.

  • Tell what each of the Rs represent.

  • How will you celebrate Earth Day?

March-April Super Sleuth

January Issue Super Sleuth

The January KIDS’ KORNER talked about taking time out to work on your hobbies. For a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card, kids were asked: to find a picture in the magazine that represents Tom Hanks’ hobby, give the page number of that object, if you used this object before, and what your hobbies are.

The correct answers are:

  • A typewriter

  • Page 21

  • Yes, my grandparents have one. I’ve punched a few buttons.

  • Collecting baseball cards and playing football


Our winner is Lincoln Anderson of Rockingham, Va.

Congratulations, Lincoln!

The Kids’ Korner submissions are for children under the age of 16.