Calling All Super Sleuths:

“Man plans and nature laughs,”

January 2018

Laura Emery, Field Editor

It’s been said that “Man plans and nature laughs,” which means that weather has no obligation to cooperate when a special event is scheduled. This is most evident when festivals are planned around the blossoming of specific trees.

Organizers of the nation’s greatest springtime celebration, held during the first two weeks of April, are finding that the peak blooming of the festival’s honored trees is often happening too soon, which has an effect on the viewing and planned activities.

According to phenological studies from the Smithsonian Institute, earlier warming temperatures are causing these spectacular trees to bloom 7 or more days sooner than in the past few decades.

In response to nature’s new timing of the blooming, the festival dates have recently been extended into late March.

For a chance to win $25 do the following:

  • Find a clue hidden in the magazine (give the page number) that will help you identify the name of this popular festival and the city where it takes place.
  • Have you ever attended this festival?


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Our January 2018 KIDS’ KORNER Super Sleuth explained how puzzles and games provide a fullbrain workout, improving one’s ability to comprehend, learn and remember. For a chance to win $25, young readers were challenged to find the page containing a thought bubble with pictorial answers to four “puzzling” questions, then provide that page number and answers in word form. The correct answers are page 40, jigsaw puzzle piece, footsteps, Mary and window.

Emma Leigh Higgins was our $25 winner.

Congratulations, Emma!