Calling All Super Sleuths:

June 2020

Laura Emery, Field Editor

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Hay Seed and City Slicker are learning about blood-sucking worms that have been used medically since the time of ancient Egypt. In the past, physicians applied these worms to a sick patient’s body to sip his/her blood for curing everything from headaches to pneumonia to tonsillitis.

Today, this little animal has helped heal wounds and restore circulation in blocked blood vessels, especially in modern-day surgeries involving reattachment of a body part.

For a chance to win $25 Amazon gift card, do some research and answer the following:

  • Give the page number where the jar is located.

  • Identify the bloodsuckers.

  • Learn more about these animals’ medicinal abilities by watching a YouTube video.

  • Would you feel comfortable having medical treatment provided by blood-sucking worms?

Super Sleuth June 2020

March-April Issue Super Sleuth

The March-April KIDS’ KORNER talked about Earth Day and all the things you can do to make our planet a beautiful place to live. For a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card, kids were asked: to give the page number where the Earth Day symbol is found; tell what each of the R’s represent; and how you celebrated Earth Day.

The correct answers are:

  • Page 15

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • I celebrated Earth Day by kissing the ground and planting flowers and trees.


Our winner is Bethany Yoder of Gladys, Va.

Congratulations, Bethany!

The Kids’ Korner submissions are for children under the age of 16.