Calling All Super Sleuths:

October 2019

Laura Emery, Field Editor

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Hay Seed and City Slicker heard that Texas is the “battiest” state in the whole country. Not only is it home to the most species of bats found in the U.S., it has the largest bat colony in the whole world! In a cave, less than 20 miles from San Antonio, 15 million bats come to roost.

Texas can also boast of another huge bat colony site that is conveniently located in downtown Austin. It is the largest urban colony of bats in North America. Every evening from mid-March to early November, 1.5 million bats emerge from their perches, creating a spectacular and unusual tourist attraction.

For a chance to win $25, do some research and answer the following:

• What is the name of the Texas cave holding the world’s largest bat colony?

• What is the name of the site where the largest urban bat colony in North America roosts?

• Can you find a little napping bat in this magazine and give the page number?

• Do you think bats are creepy or cool? Tell why.

The deadline for this month’s entries is October 21, 2019.

October Super Sleuth

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October Issue Super Sleuth

The August 2019 KIDS’ KORNER encouraged young readers to write a letter to themselves to read in the future. For a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card, kids were asked to locate the page number of the inkwell and pen in the magazine; to cite the day of National Ballpoint Pen Day; to explain the significance of National Ballpoint Pen Day; and to name their favorite writing tool and why they like it.

The answers were:

• Page 29

• June 10, 1943

• The day is special because it commemorates the day the ballpoint pen was patented.

• My favorite writing tool is the invisible ink pen. It’s my favorite because you can write secrets, and no one can see them unless they use a black light.

Our winner is Austin Veade of Stafford, Virginia.

Congratulations, Austin!