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October 2019

Bill Sherrod, Editor


Just wanted to drop you and staff a note to tell you I really enjoyed your magazine. I rarely read these types of industry periodicals but just happened to peruse the August edition and really enjoyed it. Some thoughtful writing and pertinent information! Great work to all the staff for your hard work and reporting.

— Tom Wohlford
Prehook, Va.


After reading Jo Peter’s letter in the July Mailbag column, I could not miss the similarities in our childhood backgrounds.

I grew up in a sleepy little town in South Jersey (the farming end of New Jersey), and had similar experiences, but we hiked and camped in the C.C.C. Woods (FDR’s program for employment in the ’30s); swam in cedar lakes and streams; picked tomatoes for spending money; chased the cows in for milking; and went to Mt. Misery Church Camp in the New Jersey Pinelands for two weeks in the summers.

I knew most people in town and they knew me, and they “helped” to raise me and my brothers and sisters, by watching out for us. Mom and Dad never worried when we were “out and about.” We had watchers.

I grew up to be a volunteer fireman and mayor of my town, raised my family there and enjoyed a relaxed, small town atmosphere, just as we find here in Culpeper. My wife and I relocated to the Arbors of Culpeper to be near our son in Madison. We marvel at the scenery and the similarity to where we came from (except the mountains). The abundance of farms, friendly people, Civil War sites and things to do beckon us to explore and meet new friends, of which are plentiful.

We enjoy the Cooperative Living magazine very much and are proud to be a neighbor.

— Jay H. Sharp
Culpeper, Va.


I would’ve never expected to read about my birthplace, Oruro, in the August magazine! These 15 amazing people will be traveling to a remote yet great place! The culture clash might be a bit of a shock, but it’ll wear off pretty quick. The people in Oruro are kind and have amazing culinary skills. It would be a disservice not to point out the many delicious things they could eat like ch’arke (a jerky-ish type of dish), salteñas (beef empanadas/turnovers), api (a hot and much needed drink) with cheese pasteles, the variety of soups, maybe try one of the 1,500 potato varieties … ah, there’s so many others!

And of course if there’s time, immerse and visit some places like the Uyuni Salt Plains, the Socavón Church, the hot water springs, amongst others. I could write about Oruro forever; it is a small and magical place. And while Virginia has been my home for over 20 years, where my children were born, the place we have made so many wonderful memories, Oruro will always have a place in my heart.

I’d like to wish the 15 lineworkers a safe, unforgettable journey. May God bless you for doing this for others. Without you, electricity would still be another unfulfilled need.

— Denisse Rueda-Mendivil
Via Facebook


The first thing I read when getting my copy of Cooperative Living is the column Rural Living by Margo Oxendine, and her article in the August issue about baseball was hilarious. You hit a home run when you got her as a writer.

— Pete Minetree
Bath County, Va.


In the August issue, there was an error in the recipe for pesto included in Paula Steers Brown’s Garden Muse column on page 29. An ingredient, ó cup extra virgin olive oil, was inadvertently left out.

✴ ✴ ✴

September’s Viewpoint column examined readership data gathered in a survey conducted every three years by Cooperative Living’s national advertising agency. Several statistics provided by the survey company were incorrect and are corrected here.

The regular-readership level was listed as 83 percent in the column but is actually 76 percent. The average amount of time readers spend reading each issue was listed as 35 minutes but is actually 39 minutes. The column noted that 82 percent of readers are compelled to take some action after reading Cooperative Living; the correct number is 79 percent. And the average home price of Cooperative Living readers was listed as $278,000; the correct value is $393,000.

The incorrect statistics were provided by the researchers and reflect national electric-cooperative magazine reader data, rather than Cooperative Living readership statistics.

We apologize for the errors.