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July 2019

Bill Sherrod, Editor

Viewpoint Evokes Warm Memories

June’s Viewpoint column stirred up a lot of memories of my childhood summers. I grew up in the, then, sleepy little town of Stephens City. I can remember catching lightning bugs in a jar at dusk and sleeping on the side porch swing made into a bed when it was stifling inside. I couldn’t wait for the mailman to deliver my Weekly Reader, which was finished within an hour.

There was Nehi grape drink dripping down my chin and fudgesicles to try to cool off. We picnicked on Skyline Drive and watched pick-up baseball games at the old Stephens City school. I also loved Vacation Bible School at my church and sitting on the front porch after supper, so we could chat with neighbors as they took an evening stroll.

I’d give up almost every modern convenience if things could be that way again.

— Jo Peters
Stephens City


Farm Credit Ad Hits Home

My office gets the Cooperative Living magazine, which I enjoy reading. For several issues, there was a Farm Credit ad on the back cover with a photo of a white house with black shutters and black and gray speckled shingles. My husband and I love this house and have given a copy to our architect and contractor to use as a template for our retirement home.

— Linda Winstead
Via email

Reader Enjoys Crossroads Column

I enjoyed reading about both Dundas and Kenbridge in the Crossroads column over the last few issues. About three months ago I discovered a beautician who works at the beauty shop in Kenbridge. I live in Hopewell and love my visits to the shop and the experience of driving through the country to get there. The residents of Kenbridge are truly blessed to live in the area and I hope within the next year I will be relocating to Rawlings, which I believe is another little piece of heaven.

— Carolyn Morris

Trespassing or No Trespassing, that is the Question

I noticed the “trespassing” letter in the Mailbag section of your June issue. I think Mr. Fordman may be mistaken about people trespassing on the Bullpasture and Cowpasture rivers. At the very least, people should know that as long as paddlers don’t touch the river bottom, they are not trespassing, since landowners don’t own the water. This is a complicated issue (see virginiaplaces.org/ boundaries/kingsgrants.html).

— Jennifer Wampler

Little One Loves Magazine

We enjoy your magazine, especially our 11-month-old daughter Oaklee. We love the Say Cheese section, whether it’s family photos or funny pictures of the pets! And, after having Oaklee, the Kids’ Korner is always a good read!

Oaklee is our first child and there is never a dull moment! She loves riding in her red wagon, swinging in the breeze, and stealing toys from our dachshund puppy. I posted this photo the other night on my personal Facebook page and I captioned it: “Who doesn’t ride in their red wagon while reading Cooperative Living magazine?”

We love the magazine and absolutely love our Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative team

— Brandy Royster


In June’s Mailbag, we credited the letter “A Suggestion for Dining with Dan” to reader Donald Harrell, but the letter was actually from reader Jo Peters. We apologize for the error.