May 2020


Hundreds of different items from Italian, seafood, steaks and a wide variety of comfort foods

I have been very fortunate when writing “Dining with Dan” that Cooperative Living readers have recommended many good restaurants. One of those is the Four Seasons Restaurant located in the historic Maxey Store in Powhatan, Va. Reader Betty Thompson warned me that selecting an entrée from the numerous pages of items would be a struggle. She was right on point. It seemed like hundreds of different items from Italian, seafood, steaks and a wide selection of comfort foods.

When I enter a new restaurant, my senses are in full gear. As we were being ushered to our table, I heard a diner say she really liked their soups. That was just enough to get my taste buds raging. Our table ordered French onion and a cup of navy bean soup. The onion soup was hearty and full-bodied, and the navy soup had the right amount of seasoning.

For entrées, our table ordered baked spaghetti with meat sauce, hamburger steak smothered with onions and mashed potatoes, country fried steak and fettucine Alfredo with chicken. As any good chef will tell you, the sauce makes the difference by bringing out the flavors. For example, the liquids were emulsified to form a smooth and thick sauce coating for the chicken and pasta that resulted in a melt-in-your-mouth fettucine Alfredo with chicken. The gravy topping on both the hamburger steak and mashed potatoes could have been a satisfying meal by itself. 

As you enter the Four Seasons, the dessert case is right beside the door so you will be tempted and remember what you saw as you enjoy your meal. I was immediately enticed by a huge slice of Key lime pie. For me, sometimes I can focus on a delicacy and know it will be something special. So, I decided to request a carry-out box and have it with coffee the next morning. That was a smart decision because the Key lime pie was without question one of the top five of the hundreds of Key lime slices I have ever consumed. Our server told us the desserts were made by the owner’s mother. Works for me.


For almost 12 years, I have been traveling the scenic back roads of Virginia and Maryland seeking the best meals I could find. I have written about five-star restaurants, local mom-and-pop diners and even an article of the best foods from gas stations. It has been great fun. I have met some wonderful people and I will be forever grateful to Cooperative Living for this opportunity. However, the November-December 2020 edition of Cooperative Living will be my last “Dining with Dan” column. In that article, I plan to write about my favorite restaurant, which I have enjoyed the most from all the ones I have tried over the years. You can help. There is still time for me to try one of your favorite restaurants. Give me a shout at [email protected] and give me more choices.