What Is Expected of Youth Tour Participants

Students selected by sponsoring cooperatives to participate in the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives (VMDAEC) & NRECAís Youth Tour have measured up and gone the extra mile to show their high standards in leadership and good behavior.  They will be serving as a representative of the VMDAEC and their sponsoring cooperative from the time they leave home until they return from Washington.  Students have a responsibility to themselves and all of the other participants on the tour to conform willingly and cooperatively with the following reasonable expectations:

SHOES: For those students chosen by their local electric cooperative to attend the Rural Electric Youth Tour, please review the following shoe diagram in order to understand what types of shoes are and are not recommended while visiting the nation's capital. 

Always keep your chaperon informed of your whereabouts.  It is your responsibility to report to your chaperon during the entire Youth Tour.  If your chaperon is not available be sure to report to another appointed chaperon in charge or to Robin Byrd Powell, the Tour Director.

Be punctualÖ.if possible be just a little ahead of time.  We have a very busy schedule to meet each day.  We need for you to be at the appointed location as indicated to you each time when you are requested to be there.  Make sure that your chaperon knows that you are there.  This will avoid wasting time looking for folks.  We will not leave one location to go to another until everyone is accounted for.

You will be required to participate in all planned functions during the tour.  You may not be excused from any activities except for a good and sufficient reason and only with the approval of the Tour Director and your chaperon.  You will be required to remain with the group at all times.

You will be required to wear your nametag and your Youth Tour button at all times.  If you loose your name tag or your Youth Tour button check with Robin Byrd Powell and she will have extras.

You will not be allowed to bring with you or have in your possession at anytime a laser pointer.  If you are found with a laser pointer, you will be returned home at your parentís expense.

You must be in your assigned rooms at the hotel at the times indicated to you by the Tour Director and/or your chaperon.  You are not to leave your room after this hour except with special permission of the Tour Director and/or your chaperon.  Room checks will be made at varying times each night.

Delegates are allowed to visit other delegates in their rooms.  It is required that doors to rooms be left open when male and female participants are visiting each other.

You will be sharing a room with 2 other youth delegates.  You will be expected to respect the rights of others.  After curfew, you will be expected to stay in your own room and to be reasonably quiet so others can sleep.

Please remember that there are other people staying in the hotel.  Make sure you do not disturb others who are staying near your room on the same floor.  Have a good time but letís try to be considerate of others.

Jumping on the Hotel Elevators is Strictly Prohibited.  Anyone found to be jumping on an elevator will be returned home at their parentís expense.

You will not be permitted to leave the grounds of the hotel during your free time.  You must remain at the hotel at all times except when you are traveling with the group.

Alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine are strictly prohibited on the Youth Tour.  If a violation occurs, you will be returned home at your parentís expense.  The lounge or hotel bar is off limits to all youth tour participants.

No visitors are allowed to visit with you during the Youth Tour.  Prior arrangements must be made to meet with visitors prior to or following the Youth Tour only.

Infractions of these rules governing the conduct of our Youth Tour will be considered as cause for terminating your participation on the tour and returning you home immediately at your familyís personal expense.


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